Fundraising Toolbox

You registered to Dance or Volunteer…now what? Time to fundraise! At Dance Marathon, we are committed to helping you raise money and awareness for Embrace Kids Foundation through multiple opportunities.

Fundraising Opportunities:

  1. Canning
  2. Donation Cans
  3. Online Fundraising
  4. 20 Creative Fundraising Ideas

Canning dates are available for individuals and organizations. In order to register for a canning date, users need to secure a ticket.

Tickets will be available through links that are sent out closer to the canning date. Any questions can be sent to

rutgers dance marathon

Donation cans are a new fundraising opportunity where Dancers or Volunteers can sign out a can to place in a local business/restaurant. Any donations collected in the cans towards your fundraising goal.

rutgers dance marathon

How to Use a Donation Can
  • Pick up your can at the Dance Marathon office Monday-Friday, or create your own!
  • Obtain permission to place your can at local family-owned businesses, fast food chains, local diners, or convenience stores.
  • Follow up to monitor the progress of your can.
  • Deposit your collections by contacting

Your online fundraising page is a simple way to track and ask for donations. Once you register to Dance or Volunteer, a page is automatically created. On this page you can add pictures and a custom note so family and friends can see exactly why you are raising money.

How to Fundraise Online
  • Send an email to family and friends asking for donations.
  • Post your page on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Bring up your page at parties and holidays to make it easy for family and friends to donate.
  1. Have a Bake Sale
  2. Regularly post your online fundraising page on social media
  3. Keep a change jar
  4. Pet sitter
  5. House sitter
  6. Babysitter
  7. Buy a dozen donuts and sell for $1.00 each
  8. Ask for donations in lieu of your birthday or holiday gifts
  9. Take your gently used clothes to Plato’s closet (
  10. Sell some stuff on eBay or Craigslist
  11. Ask your professors if you can pass a can around before the start of class
  12. Sell back your old textbooks
  13. Have a garage sale
  14. Ask to place a donation can in your local dry cleaner or deli
  15. Mow lawns / do yardwork
  16. Save $1.00 per day, until the donation deadline
  17. Offer to do your friend’s laundry in exchange for a DM donation
  18. Be the delivery man/woman for the night.  Offer to deliver coffee/takout/snacks to your friends in return for a DM donation
  19. Give rides to class in return for a DM donation
  20. Ask for a “dare” donation. Allow your friends to dare you to do something (within reason) if they make a significant DM donation!