For The Kids.
Days Until #RUDM2021
2021/04/09 18:00:00

Families First. Everything Counts. Surrender Yourself.

A Message to R Community 

The circumstances of a virtual fall semester are requiring us to think differently about how RUDM 2021 will occur, but our commitment to why we dance and raise money for the kids (FTK) remains steadfast and true. Dance Marathon is a proud university-wide tradition with never-wavering dedication to the patient families we serve. Since 2000, Rutgers Dance Marathon has supported Embrace Kids Foundation.


We are excited to share new ways for all members of our community to support the core programs administered by Embrace Kids Foundation and to unite us as one Rutgers family. We are opening registration to all students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends and instead of registering as a dancer, you will sign on to be a Champion. Champions will pay a lower registration fee and meet a lower fundraising minimum and will be provided with a variety of fundraising activities and challenges throughout the year. This modified approach will help us to provide critical funding for Embrace Kids Foundation and the families that we serve, while lessening the burden on individual participants. 


Additionally, if you are a student who would like to register as a Champion, but are not yet a member of an organization that has a Dance Marathon team, you can join either team Project FTK for returning students or team First Years FTK for new students. 

kid with college students


Meet the children and families supported by Embrace Kids Foundation and see how EKF has changed their lives.

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Learn about the RUDM’s beginnings and how it became the Rutgers tradition it is today.

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RUDM doesn’t end when you graduate. All Dancers & Volunteers are eligible to join the RUDM Alumni Association!