Who are Captains?

  • Captains come from student clubs, fraternities & sororities, and residence halls.
  • Captains vary in graduation year, from first-years through seniors.
  • Captains have varied majors, interests and skill sets.

The DM team has a wide range of Captain positions available for students to fill. After you’ve completed your DM Orientation, you’ll work with one of our six teams and assist the Central Planning Team as they complete the myriad projects and tasks that lead up to DM Weekend. Your skills can be used to make Dance Marathon happen!

How can I apply to be a Captain?

Captain positions are filled during the fall semester. Students who want to apply must attend an Interest Meeting to receive an application. Follow our social media for Interest Meeting dates, times and locations. Questions about the Captain hiring process can be directed to info@marathon.rutgers.edu.