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Dancer Relations

Mason Plotts      Director
Chrissy Dalton   Assistant Director
Alyssa Rivers    Assistant Director
Charlotte Nordeen   Assistant Director
Amanda Gaglio   Assistant Director

Event Logistics

Rounak Nischal   Director
Shannon Kennedy   Assistant Director
Neil Dave   Assistant Director
Jacob Van Osten   Assistant Director
Shilp Shah   Assistant Director

Family Relations

Becky Gilbert   Director
Allison Darley   Assistant Director
Asrita Vattikonda   Assistant Director


Jonathan Zimmerman  Director
Karishma Patel   Assistant Director
Sarah Aly   Assistant Director
JD Garwood   Assistant Director
Spiro Moskonas   Assistant Director
Jennifer Ling  Assistant Director

Human Resources

Katherine Budinsky   Director
Karlen Rubinstein   Assistant Director
Mohammad Sapin   Assistant Director
Hannah Rothstein   Assistant Director


Sam Sun   Director
Gira Mistry   Assistant Director
Dharmesh Patel   Assistant Director
Liz Kilpatrick   Assistant Director

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