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Alumni & Family Relations

Jonathan Abadir         Director

Abigail Weiss.            Assistant Director

Dancer Relations

Annabel Guo.              Director

Dhruti Kamarasu         Assistant Director

Julia Ruditsky               Assistant Director

Reva Tharwani            Assistant Director

Eera Vedanti.               Assistant Director

Event Logistics

Ryan Fernando             Director

Joshua Baumgardt       Assistant Director

Tanu Sameera              Assistant Director

Kayvus Trajano             Assistant Director

Sara Weiss                    Assistant Director


Khushi Chokshi          Director

Cheryl Jeffery            Assistant Director

Timothy Tuen            Assistant Director

Arya Massand          Assistant Director

Human Resources

Abigail Cook.                Director

Mathura Balaji              Assistant Director

Abigail Glenn                Assistant Director

Bella Troche.                Assistant Director


John Raskin               Director

Anishka Chintareddy Assistant Director

Hannah Lee               Assistant Director

Navya Malhotra         Assistant Director

Kamryn Sokoloski      Assistant Director

Alaina Spiteri             Assistant Director 

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