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Dancer Relations

Macie Brand        Director

Ria Patel              Assistant Director

Salma Pathan     Assistant Director

Michael Perez    Assistant Director

Fiona Shafer      Assistant Director

Event Logistics

Soham Shah            Director

Brooke Andolsen     Assistant Director

Allen Davis-Swing    Assistant Director

Julia Ullman             Assistant Director

Family Relations

Justin Najimian         Director

Fabiola Vega            Assistant Director

Ritikha Vengadesh   Assistant Director


Emily Brzozowski          Director

Diya Dinesh                  Assistant Director

Kristina Kortbaoui         Assistant Director

Nicholas Theodosion   Assistant Director

Human Resources

Gillian Carmien             Director

Lindsey Cicalese          Assistant Director


Monisha Parikh         Director

Lisa Kaar                   Assistant Director

Milindi Shah              Assistant Director

Ally Skurka                Assistant Director

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