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Dancer Relations

Andrew Goldwasser   Director
Chrissy Dalton   Assistant Director
Rishi Kanoongo   Assistant Director
Michael Powers   Assistant Director

Event Logistics

Gurv Sidhu   Director
Dylan Gonzalez   Assistant Director
Sarah Lewis   Assistant Director
Lulu Pellizzari   Assistant Director
Adam Piepoli   Assistant Director
Alli Sikora   Assistant Director

Family Relations

Jennifer Ling   Director
Samantha Sun   Assistant Director


Hinal Patel   Director
David Kanevsky   Assistant Director
Rounak Nischal   Assistant Director
Neel Patel   Assistant Director
Payal Patel   Assistant Director
Neil Shah  Assistant Director

Human Resources

Christine Tully   Director
Katherine Budinsky   Assistant Director
Becky Gilbert   Assistant Director
Jake Sathmary   Assistant Director


Natalie Roberts   Director
Morgan Mohlmann   Assistant Director
Paige Motuseskey   Assistant Director
Prabhjot Singh   Assistant Director

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