November 13-15, 2020

A weekend fundraising effort encouraging Champions to utilize the simple features of TeamRaiser to enhance their fundraising tactics.

Register for Dance Marathon to participate in World Kindness Day TeamRaiser Blast and encourage others to do the same! Kick off your fundraising efforts by sending just 5 emails to Family and Friends through TeamRaiser and earn $5 towards your own fundraiser as well as a chance to win AirPods, special prize packs, and more!

Be a Champion, encourage you friends to do the same, and start fundraising FTK!

Calendar of events

Friday 11/13 Jumpstart your TeamRaiser

First 300 Students who send 5 emails to family & friends through TeamRaiser will earn $5 towards their fundraiser.

Every email up to 5 is an entry for prizes!

Saturday 11/14 Revving up your TeamRaiser

Connecting to your TeamRaiser to Facebook qualifies as extra entry! (those who have already done so will also be entered)

Sunday 11/15 Tune up your TeamRaiser

Personalize your TeamRaiser page to be unique, connect with your donors, and earn more donations!


  • AirPods
  • Premium Kite+Key gift basket
  • $25 Tacoria Gift Cards

Fundraising Email Template

Dear Family and Friends,

I am participating in Dance Marathon this year, a fundraising initiative aimed at virtually bringing together the DM community to raise money and awareness for the Embrace Kids Foundation.

Embrace Kids provides over $2 million in programs and services to children with cancer, blood disorders and other disorders throughout the greater New Jersey area, at absolutely no cost to the family. These support services address the families’ needs as a whole including social services, counseling, financial assistance, health education, inspirational events and more. This cause is important to me so I ask you to support me in my efforts and help me make a difference in the lives of the kids by donating on my behalf.