October 5-11, 2020

A week long fundraising effort encouraging people to get active and support the kids!

Register for DM to participate in FTK Relay and encourage others to do the same! Kick off your fundraising efforts for RUDM 2021 by asking your family and friends for donations, and join us in our week of social media challenges to be entered to win DM gear, prize packs, and more! Our mileage goal for this week is 20 miles in honor of the 200 families that Embrace Kids Foundation serves, and our fundraising goal is $43 to acknowledge the 43 children who are diagnosed everyday with childhood cancer. Be a Champion, encourage you friends to do the same, and start fundraising FTK!

Calendar of events

Monday 10/5 Kick Off Day! 

Mileage Goal: 3 Miles

Wear your DM gear and post a picture when you’re done with your miles today! Tag us in your post and use the hashtag #FTKrelay to be entered in today’s raffle!


Tuesday 10/6 How Did You Get Started with DM?

Mileage Goal: 3 Miles

Use our story template to share how you started with DM. Remember to use the hashtag #FTKrelay to be entered into our gear raffle today!


Wednesday 10/7 Who Moves You?

Mileage Goal: 3 Miles

Post a video or picture on your run or walk explaining who inspires you to be FTK. Tag us in your post and use the hashtag #FTKrelay to be entered in today’s raffle!


Thursday 10/8 Throwback DM Day!

Mileage Goal: 3 Miles

Share your favorite picture from a past DM! Use our story template and tag #FTKrelay!


Friday 10/9 Competition Day!

Mileage Goal: 3 Miles

Today is the day! Rack up your mileage and work hard to fundraise because your progress today enters you to win one of the 3 big competitions. Remember to post your progress using #FTKrelay.


Saturday 10/10 Walk In Their Shoes!

Mileage Goal: 3 Miles

Look out for our cause education on our social media!


Sunday 10/11 Reach the Finish Line!

Mileage Goal: 3 Miles

Reach your fundraising goal of $43 and your mileage goal of 20 miles!

Post your final progress and look out for the naming of our 3 Big Competition Winners!

Spotify Playlist

Get pumped and stay connected by listening to our Official FTK Relay Playlist! Featuring our favorite songs and songs from past line dances!

Event Flyer

A handy event flyer to share with your friends is available here!

Fundraising Email Template

Dear Family and Friends,

I am participating in Rutgers University Dance Marathon’s FTK Relay this year, a fundraising initiative aimed at virtually bringing together the DM community through walking, running, and biking in our own communities to raise money for Embrace Kids Foundation.

Embrace Kids provides over $2 million in programs and services to children with cancer, blood disorders and other disorders throughout the greater New Jersey area, at absolutely no cost to the family. These support services address the families’ needs as a whole including social services, counseling, financial assistance, health education, inspirational events and more. My goal is to raise $_____ and complete _____ miles by the end of this week. This cause is important to me so I ask you to support me in my efforts and help me make a difference in the lives of the kids by donating on my behalf.